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Fluval Sea Evo XII Glass Aquarium Kit 52 Litre Marine Aquarium

Fluval Sea Evo XII Glass Aquarium Kit 52 Litre Marine Aquarium

RRP £157.99
In-Store offer  £ 120.00 *
* Subject to availability. 

Fluval EVO Marine Aquaium Kit with Reef LED Lights - 52 ltr

With a reef-capable LED, efficient 3-stage filtration system and seamlessly integrated hardware, EVO saltwater kits pack the same performance features as many aquariums several times their size, yet are small enough to fit on virtually any desktop or counter. Now you can explore the marine hobby more confidently, conveniently and affordably than ever before.

  • Size 52 litres; Dimentions: 550 x 295 x 320mm high

  • 14000 K reef-capable and fully integrated LED with all aluminium casing and silicone waterproof shield

  • 3-stage filtration system

  • Seamless integration with the Fluval Submersible Heater and Protein Skimmer (sold separately)

  • Convenient touch – start day and night illumination

  • * Decor is not included

Fluval Sea Evo XII Glass Aquarium Kit 52 Litre Marine Aquarium
Fluval Sea Evo XII Glass Aquarium Kit 52 Litre Marine Aquarium

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Clear iWish Mini Apple Tank 25L Green
Our Price £ 89.99

​Easy to use and with a touch activated 7 colour LED lighting system, the Cleair iWish Mini Apple Aquarium is a really unique eye-catching aquarium, perfect as a stand out fish tank! Suitable for both tropical and cold water fish, the Cleair iWish Mini Apple Aquarium features: - Dimmer on the light allowing you to choose from a selection of colours including blue, red, green and white (or a combination!) - Cordless lighting hood that lifts off giving you easy access to the aquarium for maintenance - Heater is enclosed within the filter system and is regulated to reach 26 degrees - Low voltage powerhead and layered filter system for excellent water quality - Excellent internal circulation due to the shape of the tank, an important factor that promotes both water quality and fish health - 7 stage filter discretely positioned at the back of the aquarium, which can be completely removed for maintenance if required - Clear front and back providing a unique elegant viewing experience with the LED lighting system - Feeding hole built in for easy feeding without opening the tank up - Removable filter compartment for easy cleaning, the entire centre compartment removes Each tank set comes complete with: - Apple shaped acrylic 25ltr table top aquarium - Plastic plant included - Stones - Filtration system complete with a mix of media including carbon,m biological ceramic media, polishing pads and foam - Power adapter - LED light unit Each aquarium comes complete with a 1 year warrantee. LED light units last approximately 5 years. Available in green Approximate measurements: 40cm W x 35cm H x 22cm D

goldfish home.jpg
Boyu Goldfish Home + FREE Goldfish
Our Price £ 24.99

​Capacity - 20L approx


  • Aquarium (no hood),

  • Gravel,

  • 2 x 4''Plastic PLants,

  • Fish food,

  • Background,

  • 1 x Goldfish 

  • Filter and Lighting  SOLD SEPARATELY