Tetra SafeStart is used for the safe introduction of fish to new aquariums. - Immediate activation of aquarium's biological activity. - Reduces dangerous ammonia and nitrite levels, thereby helping to keep fish healthy - Also ideal for maintaining biological activity following water changes, filter maintenance, power cuts etc - Can be used to resolve problems with high ammonia or nitrite in both new and established aquariums When setting up a new aquarium: Set the aquarium up and turn on all equipment, using Tetra AquaSafe to condition the water. Wait at least 24hrs to ensure that the equipment is working correctly, and to allow the aquarium to reach the correct temperature. Then add 5ml of SafeStart per 6 litres of water, at the same time as adding the fish. We recommend adding a moderate number of fish, under the direction of your aquatics outlet.As a precaution, in the two weeks following the introduction of the fish, it is recommend to regularly test the ammonia and nitrite level using TetraTest kits. If levels rise, perform a partial water change using Tetra AquaSafe to reduce them.Following filter maintenance, water quality problems, or water changes: Add 5ml of SafeStart per 6 litres of water.If storing SafeStart, keep between 10C 30C. Aquarium water must be 20C (room temperature) or above. 

TETRA SafeStart 100ml

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