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Fish n Things Aquatics is founded on a life long passion for the hobby, with over 28 years experience within the aquatic trade that we can share with you whether you are looking to set-up a new aquarium, or you have a sick fish that we can give you advice on.  We sell a large range of different products, whether your interests are in tropical fish, coldwater fish or pond fish, we offer a great range of aquarium products and live stock for you to choose from at very competitive prices. Drop in to our Shop in Dynevor Road and check out our fish room. Our friendly staff are always at hand to help you whether you have many years experience keeping fish or you are new to the hobby.

We always encourage all fish keepers to test their aquarium water and adjust the water parameters according to the fish that they keep. The testing of the aquarium water not only helps fish live more comfortably throughout their lives, but will also ensure you really enjoy keeping your fish!

Below you can see some examples of what we stock.

Please browse our website and contact us if you have any questions.